Retirement Planning Goes Beyond Just Finances

Many Canadian think of their retirement in terms of leisurely activities, travelling and even just relaxing on the couch. However, living that life may be much different than anticipated.

Studies have shown that many seniors find the novelty of not working wears off quickly and that it is a struggle to maintain a sense of identity when no longer connected to an occupation.

I always try to approach my clients’ retirement from a holistic planning perspective.  I ask about extended family, travel plans, hobbies and interests, trying to get the big picture of your passions and helping you connect with that.

Some clients are hesitant to discuss the personal aspects of retired life because they fear not being able to afford their goals. Being able to afford a fulfilling retirement comes with being financially comfortable retiring at all.  However, it’s important to have a variety of goals and hobbies to avoid “interest burnout.” Some people may dream of playing golf every day, but the reality may be that it isn’t enough. Visiting family, learning new skills, and even continuing to use your skills either as a consultant or volunteer will bring a mix of activities to compliment your retirement.

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