Custom Comprehensive Written Financial Projection

Analyzing Your Investments, Insurance, and Lending Options

Your advisor is a triple-licensed professional uniquely qualified in mortgage and lending products, life insurance policies, and is a certified financial planner.  This means he has the expertise to gain a unique overview of your finances from 3 different perspectives.  This allows your advisor to create a customized comprehensive financial projection because he understands how your cash flow, assets, and liabilities work together. With a few more questions, your custom written projection will come together. 

One of the topics that can always use a thorough examination is exactly what fees are being charged on your investment holdings. Have all the fees for your for investments been dissected and explained to you in a clear and direct manner ?  Your rate of return could be crippled by a hidden fees, high fees, or multiple fees for the same investment where alternatives are available.

Insurance Needs
Many people do not fully understand the insurance products that are available or their benefit plans at work. A review and explanation of your current insurance coverage will let you know if you are under or over insured.  Insurance is also a great vehicle for intergenerational wealth transfer and long term investment.

Lending Options
Are you looking to apply for a mortgage, reverse mortgage, or home equity line of credit ? I can help you set realistic goals and explain what factors can impact your borrowing ability.  

Comprehensive Financial Planning takes in to consideration a household’s uniqueness and then analyzes what types of investments, insurance products, and lending products are needed to help that household accomplish their financial goals now and long term.

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