As a Self-Directed Investor:

  • You choose when to buy or sell your investments
  • You must have discipline to maintain your assets and grow them as markets change
  • Do not receive any professional advice or guidance

Self-Directed Investing  

Why do self-directed investing?

  • Your are in control. Whether you are a buy and hold or active investor, self-directed accounts allow you to choose when execute trades.
  • Low Fee. Generally, institutions that allow you to do self-directed investing charge much lower fees.

Reasons self-directed investing may not be right for you

  • Lack of tools. Professional investment brokers have access to tools and information that allow them to understand market movements in detail. 
  • No advice. The low fees for trades are because as a self-directed investor you do not have access to a professional for their insight.

In today’s tech savvy industry, many of us are choosing to go the self-direct investing route. We can be in control and do the clicking, but how do we know what to invest in?


Jaret’s knoweledge of the markets and outstanding. He is always available and contacts me when my portfolio needs adjusting. I recommend him.


I really appreciate not being charged on-going fees. Even though my portfolio is largely buy-and-hold, Jaret is always on top of things. I feel like a high-net worth client even though I’m not.

B. Allen

Jaret really helped get our family’s assets in order. RRSPs and RESPs are in good hands. Thank you Jaret.



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