Wealth management is about an overall review of your financial situation, the products you have, and your future goals. Some of the important factors to comprehensive wealth management are:

  • Managing your Investments – by having an experienced investment advisor who understands your individual investments strategies who will guide you to invest for your situation and goals.
  • Cash flow and liabilities – having an understanding of what money is coming in and going out each month has a huge impact on your overall financial goals
  • Goal Planning – having a savings strategy in place for your goals designed to meet your timeline goals
  • Education Planning – savings strategies for your education or your children’s education
  • Retirement Planning – setting retirement goals and understating the costs of retirement and how to save for it. Many retirees like to travel or upgrade their homes, or maybe even sell the family home and move into a smaller home, a comprehensive plan will help you reach those goals.

Financial estimators

Use these tools to determine if you finances are going to meet your future goals.

Financial Fact Finder

This easy to fill out document will allow me to understand your current finances and build a portfolio customized to your needs.

Types of investment firms

You have decided you want to start investing your money and start growing your money for your future. You have been saving money into a savings account but want it to grow. You are probably wondering how should you go about doing this?

Understanding the difference between the types of investment firms you can use to invest your hard earned money is important. Here are your options:

Securities Firm
A securities firm is an institution that will process the buying and selling of individual stocks as well as various funds for clients. I work for Hampton Securities and provide both fee-based and advisory fee options.

Bank Mutual Funds
A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors. You are only offered the mutual funds sold by your institution, not individual stocks, other mutual funds, or ETFs.

When the investor is in charge of making all their own investment decisions.


Types of investment accounts

In Canada there are two types of investment accounts: Registered and Non-Registered.

Examples of registered accounts are: RRSPs, RESPs, RIFs, and TFSAs. Each of these types of accounts have tax advantages that can be discussed and utilized as part of your financial strategy.

Non-Registered accounts do not have limits on how much you can invest, and the income you earn is taxable. Examples of non-registered accounts would be a cash account and a margin account.


investment options

You can invest money in many ways, when you invest you are doing so in hopes that you will grow your money and gain more income.

Where you are using your invested money to buy stocks, bonds, ETF’s and mutual funds in hopes that you will have positive returns on your investments.


Types of fees

In many cases, even for those working with an Investment Advisor, many people do not have a clear idea of how much they are paying in fees for their investment portfolio.

There are 3 main types of fees an investor can pay for their investment portfolio and most Canadians are paying all 3.

1. Fees in the investments themselves. Ex. A Mutual Fund has a built-in ON-GOING fee of say 2%. Whereas, if you own an individual stock, like in Royal Bank of Canada, then there are no on-going fees for owning that investment year over year.
2. Fees to buy or sell the investments. Ex. Trade fees at a securities firm and Front End and Back End fees on some Mutual Funds. 1 Time Fees
3. Advisory fees – who is picking, reviewing, and buying and selling the investments. Can be either On-Going Advisory Fee or 1 Time Trade fee.

The Investment Institution type you choose dictates your Fee Options


Jaret’s knoweledge of the markets and outstanding. He is always available and contacts me when my portfolio needs adjusting. I recommend him.


I really appreciate not being charged on-going fees. Even though my portfolio is largely buy-and-hold, Jaret is always on top of things. I feel like a high-net worth client even though I’m not.

B. Allen

Jaret really helped get our family’s assets in order. RRSPs and RESPs are in good hands. Thank you Jaret.



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