A Securities broker can:

  • Buy and Sell individual stocks such as Google, Apple, and Royal Bank
  • Buy and Sell Mutual Funds, ETFs, bond funds, and commodities
  • Hold cash and wait for opportunities (unlike a mutual fund provider)
  • Use trading techniques that independent individual traders may not utilize such as stop-losses and options.
  • Open Registered and Non-Registered accounts and best allocate your assets to each one for future wealth growth.


Why use a Vancouver Securities Broker?

  • Research. Stock brokers also have access to valuable research resources that clients can tap into in order to get more insight on the investments that they’re interested in. These tools give you the ability to weigh different opinions and then choose the ones that are most compelling to you.
  • An ongoing relationship. Many people end up staying with their brokerage firm because of the trust they have built with their broker. Nothing beats a one-on-one dialogue when it comes to choosing among the many investment opportunities that are available.
  • Simplify. Many stock brokers recognize the value of offering other sorts of investments, including bonds, mutual funds, and even bank account products. Top stock brokers can therefore give you a one-stop shopping environment to take care of all your financial needs, letting you simplify your money management rather than having various accounts spread among many different financial institutions.


Jaret’s knoweledge of the markets and outstanding. He is always available and contacts me when my portfolio needs adjusting. I recommend him.


I really appreciate not being charged on-going fees. Even though my portfolio is largely buy-and-hold, Jaret is always on top of things. I feel like a high-net worth client even though I’m not.

B. Allen

Jaret really helped get our family’s assets in order. RRSPs and RESPs are in good hands. Thank you Jaret.



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