Financial planning is not just about buying and selling investments, it is an overall comprehensive plan which includes everything from investments to lending products and from life insurance to estate planning to accomplish long term goals efficiently at an affordable cost.

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Fee Only Investing

We operate as fee-only model. We receive no commissions, no referral fees, and no trailer fees. Our advice is not influenced by any commission bias. Because we are not selling any products on a commission basis, you can trust that our investment advice is objective and is based solely on what is most appropriate for you. Fees are kept low and only charged when absolutely necessary.

We manage each client account separately, addressing your specific needs. We do not lump accounts together into a pooled fund, as no two clients are the same. After working with you to develop an investment overview that reflects your unique needs, we implement the policy by assembling a tailored investment portfolio. We monitor the portfolio and adjust it as market conditions and your personal circumstances change.

We are happy to conduct an initial phone consultation meeting with you free of charge.

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